Our History

We are a team of CBD advocates at DR. Herbals® who are passionate about nature’s healing.

We were first introduced to CBD on a voyage of discovery in diet and natural medicine in Los Angeles, 2018. It was perfect, and we fell head over heels. We found so many benefits with hemp! But there was a problem: They did not ship outside the United States. We found some companies that did, but either the shipping was ridiculously expensive or it took several weeks for packages to arrive.

Worse, every time we came across a promising product in Sweden, the company was unreliable in terms of shipping or quality that was inconsistent. CBD products sold in stores were unacceptable, contained little or no CBD at all while taking out an amount that was incredibly high. We understand how difficult it can be to find a reliable hemp supplier. That is why we at DR. Herbals are available. Our selection of hemp contains only pure and powerful extracts / flowers, which come from organic hemp, extracted with ethical methods and laboratory tested for quality.

2020 opens DR. Herbals to be the first to reach customers in Europe with the best, safest and highest quality of CBD products!

Our products

We use a CO2 extraction system as our main tool for extracting all active compounds from our hemp plants. This is a heat and solvent-free method that ensures the maximum strength and purity of the end product. The quality of the final product is 100% free of impurities or solvents such as alcohol, which can often occur in other methods.

Why should I choose DR. Herbals ?

We offer a comfortable and simple ordering experience and consistently devote resources to improving the customer experience here on our official DR. Herbals online store. We believe that education is essential for a high quality hemp experience, so look around the site for a valuable range of general information on hemp and CBD. We offer a safe and easy solution to get what you need.

The basis of our products is always 100% organic and GMO-free hemp, grown without the use of pesticides or other dangerous compounds. Our goal is to be a safe and reliable source for organic and natural hemp products, with high quality. We value the whole process, from seed to product, and respect our nature and soil on the way there.

When you want to ask us about dosage, recommended consumption methods or which hemp oil works best for you, you can contact us on our website, email or social media.