CBD against cancer

  • CBD and diet for Cancer patients

There are studies that suggest that CBD can help reduce the number of cancer cells that survive and have an encapsulating effect on them. By activating the body’s innate defenses against tumors. The body can actually stop cancer cells from spreading, but an imbalance of enzyme levels can limit that ability. CBD can help the body restore its natural balance and help it limit the spread of cancer. CBD stops cancer in the body from forming metastases.

In the case of cancer spread, it happens that our DNA produces cells without being able to stop the production. The cell cycle does not work properly in a tumor cell and our immune system is not involved and can neither stop nor repair the cancer cells. CBD has the ability to stop tumor cells from multiplying and spreading. CBD also has the ability to change the pH value (low) to eradicate the cancer cells by creating an acidic environment. With this, CBD has the power to regulate the immune system and also suppress it, like chemotherapy but with significantly fewer side effects.

CBD is used more often than is thought in cancer treatments, but should be used more and more.

The side effects CBD helps with include:

Nausea, pain, dizziness and increased appetite among cancer patients.

What are we so afraid of spreading and legalizing this natural miraculous plant if it is repeatedly refuted by scientists?

CBD has a long history of cancer research, which has been shown to be very positive about the side effects after chemotherapy.

Cancer patients have preferred to use CBD often and regularly every day, they often add them to snacks and meals to alleviate the side effects of cancer treatments.

The most popular diet to mix CBD with in cancer patients may be e.g.

° Brownie

° Soup

° candy

° Juice or tea

THE CURE OF THE FUTURE, CBD + THC? It is still too early to say whether cannabinoids will be the cancer treatment of the future or not. Such a statement requires more research, evidence and medical studies to be confirmed. But researchers have already confirmed the anti-cancer effects of cannabinoids.

It is the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, the cancer cell reducing properties of THC.

So there is a way to find out in your situation if that is the case; test it yourself! We recommend talking to a doctor for further advice before deciding to take THC.

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