CBD against Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes affects more and more people in today’s society. It mainly depends on our lifestyle and diet, and can be anything from:
Long days at work – fatigue – inflammation – stress – ill health – imbalance – fast food – medication – mental problems.

It is important to understand that our diseases originate mainly from what we eat and come from our internal imbalance.

An important organ in the body called the pancreas produces enzymes and hormones that help us digest food. One of the hormones produced in our pancreas is insulin.

The task of insulin is to regulate glucose (sugar). Every cell in our body needs glucose for energy. Insulin acts as a cover for the cell and must open to allow the cell to use glucose to extract energy.

If your pancreas in turn does not function properly, or does not produce insulin properly – it leads to an abundance of glucose in your bloodstream, and cells that starve for energy – this so-called Hyperglycemia.

On the other hand, when we have low glucose it is called – Hypoglycemia. Symptoms – tremors, dizziness, unconsciousness.

Risk Factors for Diabetes – Overweight Hypertension High levels of triglycerides Low levels of “good” cholesterol (HDL) Family history Increasing age Sedentary lifestyle CBD for Diabetes Research and studies suggest that CBD oil can help improve your gut health and also to lose those extra pounds that may aggravate your diabetes; whether it is your resistance to insulin or because your body is attacking its own insulin production.

CBD can also help reduce inflammation that can cause diabetes to develop and settle in your body, as well as many other medical conditions caused by inflammation, such as cardiovascular problems, pain and even cancer. (Feel free to read our blog about CBD against cancerhttps://drherbals.se/2020/10/21/cbd-mot-cancer/

Therefore, there are many reasons to lose weight, balance your diet and supplement your daily activities with CBD oil.

CBD oil is a completely natural and highly healthy supplement to a healthy lifestyle with good food, fun activities and a life where you do not have to worry about blood sugar!

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2 thoughts on “CBD against Diabetes

  1. Pavel Harris says:

    Jag är Pavel Harris Tyskland, jag fick diagnosen lungcancer för 7 månader sedan, jag var orolig för att hitta ett botemedel. Jag köpte 60 gram cannabisolja, tre dagar senare levererades oljan till min adress. Jag tog den i den dos som Rick Simpson föreskrev. Inom sju dagar märkte jag några förändringar och kontaktade honom igen. Han rådde mig att fortsätta i 8 veckor när han ordinerade, jag gjorde det, cirka 7 veckor senare kontaktade jag min läkare för en skanning, jag blev förvånad, min läkare sa att jag är fri från cancer nu. Jag tackar Gud och Rick Simpson för att bota min lungcancer med cannabisolja.

    Pavel Harris

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