CBD against stress, anxiety and depression

CBD for Stress, Anxiety and Depression

We live in a society that is growing faster and faster, and where the material is developing faster than ever. We live daily by responding to new struggles and challenges both at work and in households. Everything from phone calls, messages, social media runs after us ..

With this, it brings stress and anxiety into many people’s lives. More and more people are becoming stressed, and more and more people are becoming depressed. The statistics on the number of deaths due to suicide are increasing. It is very serious to live with stress, anxiety and depression. It affects us externally as well as internally. Stress leads to our energies spreading stress and can affect others in our environment. Because stress symptoms can affect your body, your thoughts, emotions as well as behavior.

The worst thing that people can experience from stress is when it goes from a minor, temporary stress to chronic stress. Chronic stress is very serious and can lead to other more serious diseases such as stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes.

Stress affects us physically by causing a feeling of anxiety which is described as “like a pressure in the chest”. Very uncomfortable and can lead to depression. These problems live in synergy with each other and are like a vicious circle that lives in your life cycle. It is not useful at all for us to live with these ailments. The absolute most remarkable thing is that these problems usually affect us without us noticing them ourselves. It is usually friends or family around you who point out stress symptoms.

  • It is obvious that people in today’s society become increasingly stressed and experience anxiety that leads to depression. The world is evolving at a drastic pace where it is difficult to keep up and stand out among so many people. When we feel depressed, it usually leads to us choosing to shut ourselves in and log out of the outside world. We limit ourselves because we do not feel sufficient or complete enough to perform and succeed. We forget that you need to fail in life before we can make progress. “It takes 100 ‘no’ before you get a ‘yes'”. Unfortunately, society demands a lot of people today. We work 8-9 hours every day, 5 days a week. Then we will train, cook, do chores, update social media, meet friends. Keeping up with society and its development takes a lot of our energies. You need to “tip your toe” in today’s society to keep up. It is important to find your inner balance and harmony in life. You should appreciate yourself so much for who you are, as well as for all the conditions you have.

Feel free to try our CBD oil 15% which has received very good reviews from people who suffer from, among other things, stress and anxiety.

“The permanent journal” has also conducted a study that indicates that 79% of participants who used CBD got rid of their anxiety disorders.


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