CBD in morning coffee

Note that Cannabinoids are sensitive to light and heat.

When cooking, do not exceed 185 degrees Celsius. Although heating can increase the CBD effect, be extra careful not to exceed the temperature, at higher degrees valuable terpenes are lost in the oil.

Why use CBD oil in their coffee?

It was quickly talked about in the US to use their CBD dose in the coffee and even buy ready-ground coffee with CBD in it, even cafes around the US sell CBD coffee as a must, but why?

CBD’s calming and relaxing effects counteract side effects such as feelings of stress, anxiety and shaking of the caffeine from the coffee.

In this way, it evens out each other and adds the perfect combo. CBD also increases alertness and concentration, as do the good parts from coffee, and when mixed together, the effect of alertness and concentration is extended in an even better way! They also slow down each other’s breakdown, which means that the effect is retained longer as it circulates in the body for a longer period of time.

One of the most talked about effects that CBD counteracts is anxiety and it offers many different anxiety suppressing mechanisms such as:

  • Makes muscles relax (relieves anxiety-related tension in the muscles)
  • Regulates hypothalamic function (region of the brain that controls our stress response)
  • Stops inflammation in the brain (neuro-inflammation – an underlying cause of anxiety)

It is common for many people to feel anxiety symptoms, nervousness or shaking after consuming caffeine, but you can regulate this at home today with the help of CBD.

Many people also take caffeine capsules instead of a coffee cup, and it also works great to mix it with CBD.


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