Is CBD safe to use?

CBD has not been shown to be dangerous in any case, it is a 100% natural plant (Cannabis Sativa L) Hemp. Our oil consists of the miraculous substances in the plant that we have specifically removed to give the best effects and the best concentration to our customers!

Everyone has their personal dose that suits themselves, we recommend using from the lowest and working your way up to find your perfect dose or follow our template you will find under the blog “How many CBD drops should I take?”

You can not overdose on CBD.

The side effects are mild and may include diarrhea, nausea, dry mouth, fatigue or headache.

DR. Herbal CBD oil contains no chemical additives and is only mixed with pure coconut oil.


EU-approved Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L) is NOT a drug but it is more of a very loaded word among citizens in Sweden that people often relate to Cannabis or hemp drugs.

But the big difference here that you should be vigilant about is that it is not the plant itself that is illegal but the substance THC that is found in the plant, it is psychoactive and can give rushing effects when ingested.

The substance CBD does not give any rushing effects and these two substances are carefully separated from each other in the manufacture of CBD oil.

There are many different cannabis plants, but those that are legal in the EU contain almost no THC or a very low percentage, they are called industrial hemp.

DR. Herbal’s CBD oil is completely THC free (0.00% THC), which means that it absolutely does not give any results on drug tests regardless of the amount of intake or any rushing effects.

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